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Trench Roxx Productions

Founded by Aaron Lee Morris, T.R.P's journey as a brand
began in 1994 recording from a 16 channel mixer to a 4
track analog recorder in the trenches of Meigs County
Ohio, recording his own music for Aarion Lee, and
Heterodox Roxx. Hence the name, Trench Roxx...
Since the start of Koalition, in 2003,
Trench Roxx
has elevated our recording process, recording
quality, and skills to the digital realm. Now using Award
wining recording, EQ, and mixing programs, and a
Award wining mastering program with numerous plug-ins
and effects.

Here at
Trench Roxx Productions we pay particular
attention to every detail, because mixing is a critical part of
any song’s success...
Feel free to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you