CD Graphic Design

Trench Roxx Productions
provides a wide array of graphic design services. We also
specialize in
Website design and development.

Our goal with all our client projects and client
relationships is to make your projects affordable.

We are generally below market pricing for all of our
services but in most cases for ongoing designs such as
website development we are even lower while not
sacrificing quality or customer service. Even though each
project has it’s own requirements we have posted  for you
the pricing for our services, and the average price of other
companies who do the same work.
We will send you proofs of the work in low resolution .jpg
for your approval. Once the art is finalized, we will send
you high quality 300dpi for printing.

CD Packaging Design:

* Jewel case with up to six panel booklet: Flat Fee: $300
most competitors charge on average $550  

* Digipaks up to six panels: Flat Fee: $250 most
competitors charge on average $550  

* Sleeves and Wallets: Flat Fee: $125 most competitors
charge on average $250  

* Digital Cover Art: (for albums that will only be available
digitally) Cover Artwork Flat Fee:$100 most competitors
charge on average $250  

all graphic will be yours once services and payments
received are completed. Optional: a small print plug for us

* CD Duplication:
We will set up an account for you through Disc Makers (if
you prefer) and upload everything that is needed to finish
your CD for a flat rate of $10 (per project). We will use
the login information you submitted to access our upload
section. Once everything is uploaded, we will send you
conformation. Then you can order as many CD's as you
like or just one.
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