Before and After

Preview version
Sorez- It's Alright
Mastered through T.R.P. Mix changes back and forth
between the original version and the mastered
version. Every 10 seconds starting with the original
recording. Below is a picture of the analyzed tracks.
The left is the original version, the right is the
mastered version. The top graph is the overall eq of
the song, the bottom graph is the overall width of the
music in the mix.
Left click the picture to enlarge
EQ Comparison
After: new version North Wind: song was
totally revamped, lyrics were also added.
Below are just a few Before and After songs
Produced and re-recorded here at T.R.P.
* Before songs: where recorded on a 4 track
and mastered though T.R.P.
* After songs: produced, recorded, mixed, and
mastered  in our digital realm. All instruments
were re-recorded
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Before: original Bojo The Clown
recorded on the 4 track 1994
After: new version Bojo The
Clown re-recorded 2010
Before: original Shadows Of Dreams
recorded on the 4 track 1994
After: new version Shadows Of
Dreams re-recorded 2010
Before: original version Snake Charmer
(Instrumental): recorded on 4 track
After: new version Journey Of
Icarus. Song was totally revamped
Before: original version Journey Of
Icarus recorded on 4 track
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