General Online Mixing

Trench Roxx Productions provides track mixing for
audio recordings at all levels.

*  You have recorded all your tracks but have not done any

*  You have recorded all your tracks and done a little
mixing to achieve a basic mix. There is still a lot of work
required to get it to sound the way that you want.

*  You have recorded and mixed all your material and feel
the final mix-down is fairly good, but you know a lot more
can be done to it, you just don't have the time, or
equipment to get it there.

If your song fits any of these situations, you may need
General Mixing to help you finish your project.  
"General Mixing" means that there is still ample amount of
work that is left to do within a song to make it sound
balanced and musically appealing.

Here at
Trench Roxx Productions we pay close
attention to every detail, because, as you know, mixing      
is a critical part of any song’s success. There is a lot       
of work that goes into getting the mix right,
We listen to the song for it to tell us what it needs.
When we feel the mix is done, we mix the tracks down
to be ready for mastering. We will then send you an
mp3 (128 bit rate) of the mix for you to proof, and
when you are satisfied, we apply the mastering (if you so

Free mastering for mixed tracks (minimum 3 songs with
mixing service)
. This includes your 1 free mastered song
find out more *

* Mixing Rates:

* With Recording Services (raw tracks)
$60 per song, + individual track production prices. Most
competitors charge on average $25-$30/hr + $5-$10/song,
via Correspondence

* Without Recording Services (raw tracks)
$50 per song, most competitors charge on average
$30-$50/hr + $5-$10/song, via Correspondence

Don't need General mixing?
You still may need Fine Tuning  find out why.

Transferring Your Files to Us:
The way we prefer to receive any project is individual
tracks. .wav files, or high quality .mp3, (320 bit rate) all
your tracks exported in individual  .wav or .mp3 files,
every track starting at the zero time point. It makes it
easier to line up the tracks this way. You can upload all
your individual files to us. More info

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