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We treat your music as if it were our own here at TRP.
We come from a family of musicians. Before a mix can
be released, it should be mastered in order to bring out
all the highs and lows. An album on CD needs to be
organized so that all the songs have relatively the same
frequency levels, and that the product is consistent
throughout. This is a tricky process that requires the
finest musical minds. Here at TRP we are musicians as
well. So we understand the viewpoint of the artist.

Mastering Rates
TRP provides audio CD mastering for individual tracks
as well as full albums.

Turn around times:
Standard: 7-12 day digital media
Rush: 3-4 day digital media
Urgent: 2-3 days digital media

$20 per song, most competitors charge on average
$30-$50 plus $5-$6 (beyond 5 minutes.)

*Rush :
$30 per track,  most competitors charge on average
$45 per track plus $10-$15 per minute additional
(beyond 5 minute max.)

$45 per track, most competitors charge on average
$60-$70 per track plus $15-$20 per minute additional
(beyond 5 minutes.)

Discounts available*:

*FREE* per track(3 track min) - when combined with
mixing services. Must be requested at the time of your
*Variation Track:

Sometimes, the need arises to have a separately
mastered version of track or full album that is simply a
variation of the same material.
Such as:
a performance version album of your full album, an
instrumental version of your song, a radio-friendly
version of a song containing explicit lyrics etc. This
involves a remix of your song, to what degree, depends
on what type of track you need.
Rates for mastering a variation track or albums are
(Standard time-line only):
Per track: $10 per variation track.
Per album: $125 per variation album (up to 80 minutes).
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* Please be advised that the
quality of the master is
dependent on the quality of the
product being mastered,
including sample rate issues,
file format conversions, or mix
export concerns such as
clipping or headroom issues.
We will advise you of any
issues we encounter
Feel free to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you