Production Service

We have talented musicians ready to lend a voice or
instrument to enhance your audio projects when
desired. However, performance rates may vary,
depending on the complexity of the song.

* Standard production rates:
* Guitar: $25 per track
* Bass guitar: $25 per track
* Vocals: $25 per track
* Keyboards: $25 per track
* Drums: Loops only $25 per track
* Humanized electronic Drums: $50 per song

* Humanized drums verses loops:
When drums are humanized each tom, snare, kick
drum, and cymbals are separated on it's own
individual track. This process is a little tedious by
going through each loop and separating it. In
general it usually takes about 8 hours (minimum) to
separate a complete looped song, depending on the
complexity of the song. This process in the long run
gives your drums a better sound. We personally
don't use loops anymore for any of our affiliates. All
songs done for our affiliates, the drums are
humanized. By separating the drums you can volume
adjust, as well as add compression and/or effects to
each kick drum, snare, toms, and cymbals. To get a
better mixed sound. Compared to loops. Humanized
gives your song a more personal feel.

* 4 track recording:
Are you using a 4 track to record yourself, but you
need more tracks, without bouncing down your
current tracks, to get a better mix? Not a problem.
Here at T.R.P. we will work with you on this, send
us your first 4 tracks, separated individually in .wav
format. We will mix you down a copy, and send it
back to you to add more tracks, (or just go ahead
and bounce them down to one track and then record
your new 3 tracks. Then send those tracks to us
individually) your choice. We will work back and
forth with you using this method until your songs
production is completed. Once the songs production
is completed, and your song is mixed and mastered,
along with your finished project we will also send
back to you your individual recorded tracks dry (no
effects) at your request. Files will be returned in
.wav format. Then if you ever upgrade your
recording process, you will have your tracks to
remix yourself at a later time. More on sending and
saving files
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