Trench Roxx Productions takes special care to understand
the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom
solutions, that will exceed their expectations.
All at a Brother in-law price.

* Screen Savers: (our gift to you)
Free screen savers & web-site backgrounds.
Different series available.
Angels, Castles, Dragons, City Scape,
Indians. Misc, More to come.
Get your screen savers
* 1024x768
* 1336x768 here

We also do special private orders.
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* Music Recording & Production:
Drums(electronic),Bass Guitar,Keyboards,Guitar,
Vocal Services.
Tired of using a 4-track (basement recording)
to record yourself?
Putting a demo together, or want music put to your
* More info
* Before and after produced songs here
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* Mixing:
Here at Trench Roxx Productions we pay particular
attention to every detail, because mixing is a critical
part of any song’s success.
* General mixing
* Polish mixing here
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* Mastering:
We treat your music as if it were our own here at TRP.
* Listen to some mastered  mixes
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* Album Design:
Finished designs for our affiliates here

* Available Artwork:
* Duel panels here
* Single panels here
* Pricing here
Have an idea for your cover?
We can help with that as well

* Logo Design:
Completed logos for clients and pricing here

* Radio Commercial Production:
30 sec 60 sec commercials
done at a Brother in-law price
More info *here*

* Animated Videos:
This service currently unavailable
Videos done for Koalition can be seen

* Webmaster Services:
start-up, maintain
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