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Transferring Your Files to Us:
The way we prefer to receive any project for mixing is
individual tracks, wav files (wav is our Preferred way of
receiving files), or high quality mp3, (320 bit rate) this
means, all the tracks exported separately, in individual
wav or mp3 files, every track starting at the zero time
point. It makes it easier to line up the tracks this way. You
can upload all your individual files once the form below is
completed, and we set up, and send you your login

You can use this method to upload your evaluation track as
well. Or, email it to:

Step 01 Account Set-up:
fill out the form below with your information. All fields
must be filled out so we can set up your account to be able
to upload & download.

* Your Account:
once we set up your account we will send you the
information that you need via e-mail to upload your
files to our FTP page.

Step 02: Make sure your files are saved correctly:
when saving your files for upload, make sure to save the
file in the correct format.
Follow the instructions at the top of the page.
i.e: Save as wav or 320 bit rate mp3

* General Mixing:
make sure all files are clear of effects including master
effects. Then render the tracks separately from the zero
time point

* Polish Mixing:
make sure all files have effects enabled. Then render the
track separately from the zero time point

Step 03: Naming your file:
There should be NO spaces between any of the file name,
it will fail in the upload. Name your files as follows:
your name-song name-track number-file name
example: john-smith-freedom-tr06-bass-guitar

* What to send:
We need all files from your song, if the drums are all on
separate track (example kick drum on one track, snare on
separate track...ect.), they need to be sent, and preferred,
to us that way. Do not mix down the drums to one track
and send it.

If you use loops we can humanize the track to separate the
drums. But only at your request. More info
Your name:
song title:
number of tracks:
general or polish mix:
recording speed:
special instructions:
* Required Field
Your name:


Job title:
Questions, comments, or feedback:
Step 04: Upload your file:

* Don't have an uploader?
Download fileZilla, install
and use the information sent
to you to access our server.

Please be patient when
uploading depending on your
speed it may take awhile
Create password
for your log-in
Step 05: File Transfer:
* Retrieve your files here
Feel free to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you