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If you have ever tried setting up a website on your own,
you know how much time is put into it. From setting up
your directory, uploading pictures, music, to your
information text that you want on your site, and that is just
the start. You will not find a better deal on the web. We
will meet or beat any listed service price. Think of us as
the Walmart for all your website needs.

Website set-up only:
through TRP, for a limited time, is $25 per page, for the
first 5 pages, regular price $50 per page. We offer
different levels of services tailored to your needs. From
individuals, bands, to a business site. set-up fee does not
include web hosting fee or webmaster fee (ongoing
updates), or website training.

*Website Hosting:
We are affiliated with 2 different hosting services, intuit
and yahoo, as well over a dozen music sites, for musicians.
So it would be your choice on which hosting service would
best serve you and your needs.
We will collaborate with you on set-up to get your site
the way that you want.

*Webmaster service:
Webmaster service is on going updates. We will keep
your site up and running for you, with continued
updates that you wish to add to your site. This is a
separate service from set-up. Updates (such as
specials, performance updates, news, new pictures...ect.
This service runs $50 per month with a maximum of 10
updates per month. $5 per update after that.

*Music sites:
There are numerous music sites to upload your songs to.
We also will set up these sites for you. These are normally
3 page sites, your main information page, message board
page, plus your music page, so the price is a little different
from a .com website set-up. Fees for music website set up
is as follows:

* Music site set-up:
$30 per site, $60 for 3 sites (flat fee): This includes your
information, and upload of 5 songs to the site, linking to
your main site. Most of these sites offer mp3 sales. We can
set that up for you at your request.
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